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The low port pelham is often known as a Cambridge mouth pelham, and can be good to use on horses with a large tongue or small mouth. The very low port of this pelham bit gives space for the tongue, with no collapse on the bars and no real palate pressure. Pelhams are designed to be used with two reins, the 'snaffle' rein on the larger ring which should have a constant contact, and the curb rein is attached to the smaller loose bottom ring and is used when needed. The small hole in the shank just above the curb ring is for a lip strap, not essential but correct for showing and helps to keep the curb chain flat. If the rider wishes to use only one pair of reins, roundings can be used to join the snaffle and curb rings together and the reins go on the loop of leather to give an action on both mouthpiece and curb when the rein is pulled.

Low Port Cambridge Mouth Pelham features:

  • Small port gives space for the tongue without any real palate pressure, ideal for horses with larger tongues
  • Ideally used with two reins, but one rein can be used if roundings are used

Cambridge Ported Pelham

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