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Biotin Xtra Powder provides a full 20mg biotin per 50g daily dose, as well as zinc and the sulphur containing amino acid methionine to help promote strong healthy hooves.

Biotin Xtra Powder also contains MSM, an additional source of bio-available sulphur to help promote hoof wall strength and integrity.

Calcium is also an important nutrient for hoof health and growth and is provided from two sources in Biotin Xtra Powder – naturally present in alfalfa, and also from calcium carbonate. Brewer's yeast is also included, to provide a natural source of B vitaminswhich play many important roles in hoof, skin and coat health.

Feeding guidelines:

  • For horses and large ponies; 50g per day.
  • For smaller ponies; 30g per day.

Do not exceed 50g per day unless under professional advice.


Equine America BiotinXtra 2.5kg

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