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  • SUPPORT YOUR HORSES JOINTS - Cortaflex® Regular Solution is a complementary feed that helps to support and maintain healthy joints in horses and ponies
  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS – Provides key nutritional building blocks for joint support including collagen, amino acids, MSM, hyaluronic acid and trace elements
  • ESSENTIAL FOR JOINT HEALTH – Cortaflex® contains amino acids such as glutamic acid which is converted in the horse’s body to provide glutamine, which combines with glucose to form glucosamine – which itself then combines with other compounds to help give cartilage its flexibility and “sponginess”
  • READY TO USE - Cortaflex® Regular Strength Solution is ready to use palatable liquid formula and suitable for all horses and ponies in light to medium work, and older horses and ponies to support mobility. Low sugar - suitable for horses and ponies prone to laminitis
  • DOSAGE - A 1 litre bottle should last an average horse 1 month, and a 5 litre bottle should last 5 months when fed as part of a balanced diet

Equine America Cortaflex® Ha Regular Solution 1-litre

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