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  • SUPPORT YOUR HORSE’S HEALTH – Stabled horses or those out at pasture are subjected to a constant respiratory challenge from fungal spores, dust and pollen in their immediate environment, which can affect their respiratory health and function
  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS – A unique blend of natural ingredients including powerful, natural, plant-derived essential oils, known for their role in maintaining a healthy respiratory function
  • ESSENTIAL FOR RESPIRATORY HEALTH – The Airways® Powder includes Eucalyptus oil which is renowned for its ability to help clear the respiratory tract. Peppermint oil helps to open up the airways, clear mucus and provide support to the respiratory system
  • READY TO USE – The powder is ready to use, simply mix into your horse's feed. We recommend feeding if your horse’s respiratory system is being challenged, or it is facing irritation from fungal spores, dust or pollen
  • DOSAGE – A 500g tub should last an average 500kg horse one month on a 14g serving per day

EquineAmerica Airways® Xtra Strength 500gms

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