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his trimmer is lightweight, making it easy to use and handle. There are no air vents, so no clogging. These trimmers also feature ceramic blades which are long last and should give over 200 hours of use provided they are cleaned and oiled as per instructions.

These trimmers also feature:

  • 5500 double strokes per minute giving fast clipping
  • no air vents so no clogging by hair or dirt
  • ceramic and titanium coated blades for accurate, powerful clipping
  • lithium polymer batter for greater reliability and longer lasting
  • 10,000-hour lifetime
  • 2.5-hour charging time
  • 3.5-hour running time
  • adjustable blades so no need to set tension
  • 4 grade combs supplied (3, 6, 9 and 12mm)

LiveryMan Classic Trimmers

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