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  • Ideal for use with wood shavings
  • Spring steel tines
  • Perfectly balanced
  • Strong yet lightweight
  • 120cm long handle
  • Fyna-Lite branding


The Fyna-Lite Shavings Fork is ideal for mucking out beds made with shavings as it is designed to allow shavings to fall through the tines whilst leaving the manure behind. This allows shavings to be saved cutting down bedding costs. This shavings fork easily cuts through wet bedding and allows beds to be built and maintained with ease.This Fyna-Lite fork has a 120cm long textured handle with a rubber grip and spring steel tines that move across the stable floor and spring back into place.


The Fyna-Lite Shavings Fork is made from a high specification steel to make it strong and durable whilst also being lightweight and well balanced to ensuring mucking out is not too back breaking!

Fyna Lite Shavings Fork

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