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Black Shampoo: Helping to add definition and shine to darker coats. Supreme Products Black Shampoo deepens colour for a natural looking finish on legs, manes and tails as well as enhancing the colour and shine on dark coats.


Palomino Shampoo: Regular use of this concentrated shampoo will enhance the colour of palomino coats and add condition and shine.Where possible, once lathered in to the coat, leave to sink in for a few minutes to allow the shampoo to provide best results.


Chestnut Shampoo: Regular use of this concentrated shampoo from Supreme Products will preserve and enhance the colour of chestnut and roan coats - which tend to show signs of ‘fade’ in sunlight.This shampoo does not contain chemical dyes and will not harm the coat. Once lathered in, where possible, leave the shampoo to sink in to the coat for a few minutes, to allow it to start restoring colour and condition.


Stain Remover Shampoo: For older, established stains, use directly on to the affected area and work into the stain. Further applications may be needed for stubborn stains. With regular use, this shampoo will assist with the removal of yellow stains from white tails. Contains no dyes or any form of bleach.

Supreme Shampoos - 500ml

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